Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 149 - On the bandwagon

Today was not too exciting...first day on low fat so I got to eat regular carbs again (yay!) and lots 'o protein since I was deficient from yesterday. All day I was hungry but I ate the right foods so I was still on plan all day. I did not, however, get in my weight training. I had Jujitsu tonight so that was a workout but still need to catch up with my regular workout tomorrow. The only other piece of news is that I am jumping on the Mike and Michael bandwagon and deciding to not post any pics until ECSS. I am already behind on posting them anyway, so what's a few more days? So no more for two more weeks. I will continue to take them so I have them for my transformation video and other documentation, but no one will be seeing them. I would rather do that than do pics with regular clothes on, since I still want the others for my records. So no pics today, hope I have something exciting to reveal in 13 more days!

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